Tight-Line Downspout Drain System for Crawl Space

Installing a tight-line downspout drain system will direct roof runoff away from your property. This is especially important if the presently installed downspouts discharge into a yard that is flat or only sloping very gradually away from your home. Homes that originally had footing drains that have become clogged over time, and are now unable to properly handle both normal ground water and the roof runoff, will benefit from a downspout system.

Even if we are able to clear the footing drains, a tight-line downspout system is good insurance against future water problems in your crawl space or basement. The new downspout drain system will be equipped with cleanouts for future maintenance or inspection. The tight-line system is usually connected to a storm drain system or any other appropriate outlet source by gravity.

Technical Drawings

Tight-Line Downspout Drain Solution

Tight-Line Downspout Drain Solution

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