Additional / Miscellaneous Crawl Space Work

Vapor Barrier & Debris Removal

Most of the time we remove all debris from the crawl space, and install a new vapor barrier as a part of drainage repair. A 6-mil black plastic vapor barrier is the most popular material, but we also install 8 and 10-mil plastic.

Mechanical Ventilation

To improve crawl space ventilation, we install electric fans. They can be installed in any area of a crawl space, and vented to the exterior of the building with rigid or flexible ducts. Vent fans can also be installed directly inside of foundation walls. Most fans are equipped with automatic programmable timers that can be adjusted to any setting.


When crawl space insulation is missing, improperly installed, or damaged by rodents we can replace it. To control odor and dust, we usually place old insulation in plastic bags, and then remove them from crawl space. The R-Value of new insulation normally matches that of the existing insulation, or is specified in the bid.

Dry Rot Repair

Often, the consequences of a damp or wet crawl space is wood decay. We replace damaged materials in a crawl space such as: joists, beams, support posts and sub-floors. We also add new piers, beams and support posts in crawl spaces.

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