Sump Pumps for Crawl Space

Typically sump pumps are installed as a part of a basement, crawl space or yard drainage system, although sometimes they are installed in other situations. When positive/gravity discharge is not possible or not practical, a sump pump is installed to mechanically pump collected water to an appropriate outlet source such as storm drain, dry well, or downspout drain system.

Pumps are usually placed in containers/catch basins anywhere from about 18 to 30-inches in diameter, and can be installed inside or outside of buildings. Pumps come with fixed or adjustable floats to regulate the water level in the catch basin.

We have had good experience with Zoeller cast iron sump pumps. The manufacturer’s warranty of those pumps is 3 years, but we found that on average, with proper maintenance, they last 8-10 years or sometimes even longer.

In the case of a power outage or unexpected pump failure, we install battery-operated pump backup systems, and high water level alarms.

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