Driveway Runoff

If driveway run-off is flooding your garage during heavy rains, or if you have a puddle sitting on your driveway, we can help.

Often, the best solution for your situation depends on the slope/grade of the driveway. The most common and inexpensive solution is a catch basin/drain installed at the lowest level of your driveway. The top of the catch basin is equipped with a removable grate to collect the water run-off. In addition, a below grade outlet pipe is installed at the bottom of the catch basin to direct water away from the property.

Another, more expensive option is to install a channel drain. Channel drain installation requires cutting a strip of concrete or asphalt across the entire width of the driveway. On average, the width of the installed finished drain is only about 4 to 5 inches wide, approximately as deep, and completely embedded into the driveway slab. Channel drains come with a flat or pre-sloped bottom, and are also equipped with a removable plastic or metal grate that's strong enough to support car traffic. An underground outlet pipe, installed at the low end of the channel drain, directs collected water away from property. 

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